Best Payroll offers its customers a diversified group of financial fulfillment tools designed to streamline financial processing tasks. The Best Payroll executive team surrounds its clients with the professional staff needed to always insure that our customers receive the exceptional service that they deserve.

Company Profile

Best payroll was started by Hadley C. Margolis in an effort to fill the need for great customer service for small to mid-sized companies. Hadley has been in the industry since 1989 as a payroll professional. He graduated cum laude with a degree in computer science and a minor in accounting. He keeps up on all the changing laws that effect payroll. Hadley is respected for wide range of industry knowledge, solid sense of integrity and demonstrated passion for accuracy and honesty.

Best Payroll is dedicated in providing professional Payroll and Human Resource Services to corporations and businesses in all 50 states. We are committed to implement leading edge technology and excellent service. Our extensive industry experience enables us to continuously advance our services to new and innovative levels of professional cost effective Payroll Management.

Best Payroll works with many small to midsize companies ranging from a single individual to hundreds of employees equally provided with unprecedented service.

Our objective is to provide customized professional Payroll and Human Resource Services to our clients. At Best Payroll we see satisfied clients and long-term growth being generated by our absolute dedication to Service, Service and more Service.


The Client Comes First

Most Payroll/HR companies have lost their focus on what really matters. At Best Payroll we realize that bigger is not better. Utilizing the latest technology available, we are able to offer advanced features and products and are able to focus on what really matters - our client’s needs.

Best Payroll has become a leader in its industry through the consistent provision of world-class customer service. We demand quality from our Payroll professionals that will exceed our client’s expectations. Best Payroll will provide service under this ideal to all clients and will continue to deliver our customized, client-oriented and comprehensive service philosophy.

Our passion for customer service is what makes us stand out from the competition. We're committed to recruiting and training an intelligent, highly motivated and customer-focused staff to continually meet our high standards of client service.

You will have direct one-on-one service every time you call. No bouncing from person to person, no headaches. We know our customers!

Why Choose Us

It's All About Choice

If you've ever worked with another payroll provider, you already know the benefits of outsourcing your payroll and payroll tax filing functions.

But maybe you want more. Here's what we offer:

Flexibility. A live voice on the other end of the line. A level of service that keeps in mind a simple principle:

We respect what you expect.

If you expect a payroll specialist you know by name to call on schedule to produce your payroll, that's what you'll get.

If you expect to fax your information and have us produce your payroll from there, without time-consuming phone conversations, that's what you'll get.

If you expect to e-mail us your information via a customized Excel spreadsheet generated after each payroll and e-mailed to you, that's what you'll get.

And if you expect to key your own payroll and work with us electronically, that's what you'll get

Whether you work with us by phone, fax or electronically, your payroll processing and payroll tax filing receive prompt, expeditious treatment. And whether we speak to you personally once a week or once a year - depending on your method of input - you can rest assured there's a specialist assigned to your work. Someone who knows you, your company and your payroll. Someone whose top priority is serving your payroll needs and keeping you as a happy client.

Privacy Policy

Your privacy and the privacy of your employees are of utmost importance to us. All of our Expert Payroll/HR Services staff members are constantly aware of the need to maintain the highest level of confidentiality possible. This policy outlines our commitments to you to preserve the confidential information with which we are entrusted.

To provide information to us via or PlatinumPay you must enter a unique ID and password. No information is available to third parties without your specific, written consent

Information you fax or telephone to us remains in our secure offices. No copies are provided without your written consent to anyone who is not in the direct employ of Best Payroll. Our system logs each user who adds, changes, or deletes data.

Information you e-mail to us is password protected if you initiate that practice upon sending your email to us. Additionally, we suggest you use employee numbers to identify your employees, not Social Security numbers.

Best Payroll & HR Services is protected by a firewall and access to our system is password protected. Information stored on our server is accessed only by authorized users. We use industry-standard encryption technologies when transmitting data to the server.

Our physical facility has security measures in place to protect your confidential information from loss, misuse, or unauthorized change, including redundant back up procedures, and a continuous power source.

Our Web site contains links to other sites. Please review those sites’ privacy practices individually as we do not have any responsibility for their practices and policies.

Best Payroll does not share client lists or any information about our clients with other parties except to comply with the regulations of your optional services such as Direct Deposit, PayCards, tax filing and reporting. We obtain your written permission for any such use.

Please contact us with any questions you have about our privacy policy.



How does Best Payroll differentiate from other industry leaders?

We differentiate ourselves in several ways but one of the biggest differences that clients notice is our staff. We don't talk about providing our clients with great customer service, we deliver. Our People Make The Difference!

Do we offer the same type of services as some of our national competitors?

Not only do we provide the same types of services but with our unique pricing model we never charge an extra fee for additional services like: Tax Filing, Direct Deposit, Check Signing, Check Stuffing, Custom Reports, and Web Payroll Input. Also, Best Payroll will never charge you a set-up or implementation fee.

How do Best Payroll's fees compare to the competition?

Best Payroll offers a true bundled pricing approach with no hidden or extra fees. Almost all of our services are included in our payroll package which makes it easy for clients to pick and choose which services they want without having to worry about price. Since Best Payroll is designed for small to medium size business we guarantee that we will save you at least 25% or more on your annual payroll fees or your payroll is free for one year. In most cases we usually save our clients 30% - 40% off of their annual payroll processing fees. (In order for the guarantee to be valid we must see a current month's payroll invoice).

When will the funds be debited from our client's accounts?

In general, all taxes, fees, etc., are debited from your account one day prior to check date.

How long does it take to set up a client?

Set up times will vary depending upon the number of employee's you have but generally it takes us 2-4 days to cover your account to our payroll system. During this time our team of experts will then review the conversion data, ensuring that subsequent tax calculation and reporting is correct.

Whose bank account is the payroll run on?

You may choose to simplify payroll with the Best-Check Account, where your payroll checks are drawn directly from our central account. This option frees you from reconciling payroll checks each month and saves transactional fees from your bank. If preferred, we can also generate paychecks directly from your bank account. There is no additional fee for either option.

Does the service cover full tax filing?

Best Payroll offers complete, accurate, timely tax filing to all of our clients for no additional fee. Because we believe that managing payroll taxes is the primary reason for outsourcing payroll, we include this service as part of our core offering.

Can a client begin mid-year or mid-quarter?

Yes. That's why we conduct a full audit of your payroll records for the calendar year in which you converted to Best Payroll. We understand that processing payroll each pay period is really a step towards year-end tax preparation and filing.

Will all year-end work be done if it is converted mid-year?

Yes. That's why we conduct a full audit of your payroll records for the calendar year in which you converted to Best Payroll. We understand that processing payroll each pay period is really a step towards year-end tax preparation and filing.

Who answers IRS notices?

Full tax service clients don't have to worry about agency notices. Once we take care of your payroll, the full responsibility for tax payments and communication with the various tax authorities is on our shoulders.

How does Best Payroll's customer service compare to the competition?

Best Payroll's payroll services and products come with a 90-Day Money Back Guarantee. Try our payroll services and products for 90 days and if you're not 100% satisfied with the service provided by Best Payroll, we will refund you all of your paid payroll invoices and refund you an additional one month of payroll processing fees. You are the only judge!

How come Best Payroll is so much less expensive than our competitors?

Best Payroll is a privately held company that is not interested in Wall Street and double digit earnings. We are in business to make money but we feel that it is not necessary to overcharge our clients to run a profitable business. In addition, Best Payroll processes all of our client's payrolls in our New York office and we deliver them around the country via UPS or FedEx (next business day). Each payroll is delivered by 10:30am whether your office is in New York, California or Kalamzo, Best Payroll will get it there for you.

How long has Best Payroll been in business?

Best Payroll and its staff have been providing clients with smooth on time solutions to meet their payroll and tax filing needs for over 14 years.

Who do I call if I have a question about my payroll account?

Best Payroll provides each client with a dedicated Payroll Specialist to answer all of your questions