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Tax calculations...local authorities...changing laws...late payments...Does all of this sound challenging? Taxes are an important part of managing payroll--and if mistakes are made, it can cost you thousands of dollars in penalties and interest. This is why convenient, reliable, and secure tax filing services are included at no additional charge with our payroll services and products. Leave the administrative burden behind you and focus more time on your core business.

Best-Tax Overviews

With Best-Tax we will assume full responsibility for calculating, filing and making deposits for all your payroll related taxes. Our Best-Tax service provides the following functions:

  • Collect payroll tax liability from your account each pay period
  • Make federal, state, and local payroll tax deposits
  • File all quarterly and annual payroll tax returns
  • Fully bonded and insured
  • Assume responsibility for timely deposits and reporting
  • Respond to tax agency inquiries

No risk guarantee

Best Payroll will assume the responsibility and liability for the accuracy and timeliness of your returns and deposits. We are so sure it will be done correctly, that we will pay any fines or penalties if we make a mistake. With Best-Tax we will not only save you time and money, but we also provide peace of mind.

Best-Tax is a complete turnkey payroll solution. From gross to net and beyond giving you more time to spend on doing what you do best, running your business.

Each Payroll

Calculates and deposits your company's Federal payroll taxes electronically. This service complies with IRS's EFTPS mandate.

Each Quarter

941 Federal Tax Return
State Unemployment Tax Return
940 Federal Tax Deposit
State Withholding Tax Returns (as required)

Each Year

W-2's for all employees
W-3 Withholding Recap
940 Federal Unemployment Tax Return
State/Local Withholding Recap

Human Resources

HR provides your employees with a completely web-based solution to manage vital employee information-while also allowing employees to manage personal details as well. Offering a web-based HR solution saves time, expense and paper for routine HR tasks. Our easy-to-use interface is personalized for individual employees so there is a higher level of comfort and satisfaction for employers and employees alike.

Employee self-serve, employee can now access their stubs and w-2's from wherever they is the US with internet. Employee has a separate secure portal for access. They only gets access after tell us to turn it on and give us their email, they then receives an invite to access. 

E-verify, not sure if the employee you hired is legal, we do e-verify at no additional charge and you will get a report if all is not what it seems.

With our HR product all our associates are SHRM certified with years in the industry. All based in the USA. Live support 8 am to 6pm. Vast library of resources easily indexed by law and jurisdiction, available 24 hours

We produce for you an employee handbook. The employee handbook is integral to the smooth running of your business. Make sure all rules are in place to prevent lawsuits. All company policies are laid out clearly and in another language if needed. Employee will receive this and sign they read and understands the rule and policies. No issues later that they didn't know there was a policy about that. All new government regulations will be included. Addendums will be added to cover new laws as necessary. This product easily pays for itself in weeks.


WOTC is a federal program that gives employers up to $9,600 in tax credits per employee if the employee meets certain criteria, which may include: SNAP (food stamps) Veterans Those that live in disadvantaged or low-income areas, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) Ex-felons, Long-term unemployed, Supplemental Security Assistance (SSI)

When candidates apply to your job posting, they will answer a few questions to determine if they are WOTC eligible. If a candidate is WOTC eligible, We do the paperwork for a charge of $299. You will know if employee is eligible before you hire him.

Paperless On-Boarding

Now that you made your decision on whom to hire just send us the employee name and email.

We will then send him w-4, i9's and all other pertinent forms. Including whatever you want to the employee to review and sign. For instance the employee handbook, rules on harassment, conduct expectations etc. Employee signs and uploads paperwork, you see it and counter sign and then it’s uploaded to our system. Eliminating physical paperwork. No more paper. A dream come true. You've wanted long enough.

E-verify, not sure if the employee you hired is legal, we do e-verify at no additional charge and you will get a report if all is not what it seems.

Pay cards

Pay cards are the most prestigious and powerful payroll card available today!

Pay cards Overview

  • No set up fees or charges of any kind for the business owner.
  • No Card Minimums
  • No Monthly or Annual Fees
  • No One Turned Down
  • No Worries about the Limited Ability of Non-Branded Card because this is a Visa®


  • Make purchases Everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted
  • Shop on-line, by phone, and by mail order too
  • Get cash worldwide at ATM machines displaying Visa/PLUS logo
  • Get cash back with purchases at many major retailer

Best-Payroll GL

Our General Ledger Detail Report will provide you the details of every payroll transaction and display the appropriate general ledger account number, debits and credits, and per payroll and monthly totals. This is one of the most detailed reports we offer.

General Ledger Summary Reporting 

Our General Ledger Summary Report will summarize transactions by general ledger account. So the data is easily readable and you know exactly how each account was effected. This is the exact general ledger entry you could enter into your system, summarized into as few entries as possible.


  • Summary or Detailed
  • Reporting Variety of Export Options

General Ledger Exporting

Standard ASCII Format

We can provide both the General Ledger Detail or General Ledger Summary data in standard ASCII formats for you to integrate with your accounting system

Check Register

Import a list of all the checks to streamline reconciliation.

Quick Books General Ledger File

If you use QuickBooks, this is the tool for you. We can provide 3 different types of files for your QuickBooks software.

General Ledger Entry

Import the general ledger entry to only effect the general ledger accounts, and not the Check Register.

Complete File

Import both the checks for reconciliation, as well as the customized general ledger entry to affect all the appropriate accounts.

Time and Attendance

Best Payroll's Time and Attendance features an electronic time clock that connects to your telephone line. Your employees clock in and out on the clock by swiping their personal time card. Each night, the clock transmits the day's activity to our data center. Once the information has been received at the data center, it is immediately available for viewing, editing and printing over the internet through your web browser software.

Time and Attendance is an ideal solution for organizations which have multiple locations. It allows you to connect multiple clocks to the same network. Once the clocks transmit their data, all of the time and attendance records are available from one database. Employees can even clock in atone clock location and clock out at another location.

From the Time and Attendance database you can verify and edit employee punches and see updated totals at any time. Quick upload to our system saves time and prevents errors under payroll and HR.


  • Accessible from anywhere in the world via an internet connection
  • Most recent version of software patches and bug fixes automatically available
  • Familiar web-based interface promotes ease of use
  • Minimal training and implementation
  • Information is maintained in a confidential and secure data center
  • 24x7 availability to information
  • Unique scheduling for each employee


  • Clocks require no setup - just connect to phone line
  • Clock time is set automatically, including change for daylight savings time
  • Daily email of punch records provides you with a copy of your current payroll data at all times
  • No long distance or internet connection required at clock location
  • Automatic overtime calculation and lunch deductions
  • Multiple department tracking or job costing capability
  • Tip reporting capability
  • Exceptions can be corrected both online through browser or through clock keypad

With the Time and Attendance system, the hassle of collecting time cards, adding hours, and submitting them to your payroll professionals is eliminated. Because our electronic time clock's built-in modem automatically sends employee punches over the phone line, you can handle payroll without ever leaving your desk. Since the clock is Internet-enabled, you can monitor employees across your entire organization from the privacy of your office using your personal computer-even if you have multiple clocks. With innovative electronic time clock technology, managing your company's payroll has never been easier.